Friends of Paco

Morgan and his friends video taped their bohemian existence in Barcelona for years. Out of this footage he creates a feverish trip to the land of eternal youth, a tone poem on friendship and love, and, at the same time, on the workings of death. In it’s images, Merton and his friends are smiling, happy and carefree. But behind this visible aspect of life there is something else that we cannot see, but just feel. It’s a sort of subtle, invisible wave of sadness, like a requiem for something gone. Tempus fugit, amor manet – Time takes all away, except love. 

Part love letter to a grittier Barcelona of the nineties and aughts, part road movie, Friends of Paco is an autobiography of modern bohemian expatriate. It’s the story of a bunch of misfit foreigners washed up like flotsam on the shores of Barcelona who forge a family of otherness in their youth and then, as time goes by, discover it isn’t enough. So, like any good family, they try and marry off the children, with mixed results.

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